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Cultural Immersion

Tipis Stays and Cultural Excursions

Extraordinary opportunity to experience the Crow culture and learn the Native perspective of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Our guests benefit from a unique collaboration between
a Native non-profit organization
Wellknown Buffalo
an Indigenous-owned business on the Crow Indian Reservation

After signing in at the Wellknown Buffalo Cafe and Gift Shop, guests can explore the Wellknown Buffalo "Living Culture Campus" and can be directed to historic sites in the area.

Camp in your own tent or in comfort in one of our tipis.  
The property is on actual battlefield land. Come meet our Crow-bred horses.

We are family friendly and welcome elders!

Learn the spiritual meaning and healing properties of the tipi and how we do horse medicine.

Camping in Your Own Tent or a Tipi Stay within Sight of Historic Sharpshooter Ridge on the Little Big Horn Battlefield

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