Cultural Immersion

Tipis Stays and Cultural Excursions

Extraordinary opportunity to experience the Crow culture and learn the Native perspective of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
Our guests benefit from a unique collaboration between
a Native non-profit organization
Trail Rides and Cultural Expeditions
After signing in at the Wellknown Buffalo Cafe and Gift Shop, guests can explore the Wellknown Buffalo "Living Culture Campus" and will be escorted down to the Tipi Camp.
Camp in rustic comfort in one of our tipis near the beautiful Little Big Horn River. Evenings will feature a catered Traditional Dinner, Language and Dance lessons, storytelling, and culture sharing.
The camp is on actual battlefield land and our Native guided horseback rides go right out onto the battle field site.  We offer both 2.5 hour rides and half day rides.
We are family friendly and welcome elders!
Learn why we Bless Horses and how your ride to this historic battlefield can serve to heal old wounds.....

Rustic Tipi Stay Near the Little Big Horn River

  • Learn about Crow healing and prayer.

  • Help heal historic wounds on a guided ride to the battlefield.

  • Learn multi-tribal stories and perspectives about the Battle of the Little Big Horn

  • Spend the night under the stars in a private tipi.

  • Hear Elders tell stories from the Crow point of view.

  • Crow Language Lesson

  • Learn traditional "Round" or "Push" Dance

  • Visit the Medicine Tipi

  • Learn why and how to smudge

  • Traditional Dinner Included


$200 per night for 2; add $25 for each extra person; children under 12 are ½ price.

 ($100 Non-refundable deposit required)

Learn to put up a tipi: add $100

Guided Horse Back Rides

on to the Little Big Horn Battlefield Monument

  • Native Guides

  • Experienced Horse Handlers

  • Crow-bred Horses

Youth and adults: ages 8-100+

$100 per person/per hour for pasture ride with a handler

$150 per person for 2.5-hour ride to Battlefield

$300 per person for ½ day ride to Battlefield

Non-refundable deposit required


Enjoy a storyteller guide

Additional Fee

$100 per group for 2.5 hour ride

$200 per group for 1/2 day ride