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The array of awards and recognition reflect the quality and benefits of our programs, the measurable impact on those we serve and the strength of character of the our leadership.

Awards and Recognition


The Center Pole has received an array of awards and recognitions that are a reflection of the quality and benefits of our programs, the measureable impact on those we serve and the strength of character of the Center Pole leadership.

We are Changemakers!
Center Pole featured on pages 40-43 
Changemakers Report for Philanthropy Northwest


Food Distribution
Cover Story

Center Pole is cover story in Big Horn County News.


Food Distribution Program
Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo and Susie Kelly receive Congressional award.  2019


awarded in Washington, DC to Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo


For unsung individuals making distinctive contributions to the rights, autonomy and dignity of others


Center Pole is awarded prestigious "Firekeepers" for Indigenous Development from Seventh Generation Fund.


Center Pole receives "Youth Entrepreneurship Award of the Year" from National Center for American Indian Enterprise


Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award

International Award Presented to Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo by the Dalai Lama in San Francisco 2014

This event is a celebration of the extraordinary effort of  individuals from around the globe who work to alleviate the suffering of others without expectation of reward. In addition to their acknowledgement by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the event is a call to action—a reminder that the well-being of our communities and, in fact our world, is ours to shape through our own daily acts of kindness and compassion.


2014 Unsung Heroes of Compassion come from and/or are doing compassionate work in the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Sudan, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, United States of America, Zambia.

Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo is Profiled

This popular book featured people who make Montana unique!

National Geographic

Traveler's Magazine

The Center Pole and Executive Director, Peggy Wellknown Buffalo were featured.  2008
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