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How You Can Help Us

Make a tax deductible contribution by check

The Center Pole is a 501c3 non profit organization.

Please make checks payable to "Center Pole" and

mail to PO Box 71, Garryowen, MT 59031


- Contribute towards a scholarship for youth, ages 11-18,  to attend off-reservation educational programs.
- Make a contribution to support a college student's extra expenses in school that are not covered by financial aid and scholarships. 
- Donate a frequent flyer ticket for a student's travel.

Make a tax deductible contribution on-line

The Center Pole is a 501c3 non profit organization.

You can choose one time or monthly donations.
(Contribute monthly to our food bank. We need to double our funding to begin to meet the need here. This makes our goal $800 a month to provide 600 families with boxes each month.)
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Donor Advised Funds

The Center Pole is a 501c3 non profit organization.

Giving is easy for DAF's!


DAF Direct  enables DAF donors to initiate a grant recommendation from our website, making it easier for you  to give from your DAF.


If you have a donor advised fund, DAF Direct enables you to recommend grants to this nonprofit directly from your DAF!

Your online shopping can help too!

The Center Pole is a 501c3 non profit organization.

When you buy at Amazon, contribute a portion to the Center Pole through AmazonSmile.

Support Our Social Enterprises

Enjoy coffee and meals at Wellknown Buffalo Cafe

Purchase authentic Native art, jewelry and traditional medicinals in our gift shop

Purchase items at our Buffalo Nickel Thrift Shop

Enjoy a Cultural Tourism Adventure by booking a Tipi Stay, Battlefield Tour or a Trail Ride to the Battle of Little Big Horn National Monument.

Fullfill A Wish from Our List

  • repairs to our delivery truck (wheel bearings and cv axles): $1,000


  • school supplies, scarfs, hats, mittens


  • hand tools and locking tool chest


  • solar panels: $1,500


  • studio transmitter link (STL) for our radio station: $1,200


  • construction materials and expertise to repair the porch on our cultural building: $800

  • hunting supplies and equipment

  • greenhouse tools, pots and supplies

  • metal horse trough

  • one dozen folding tables and chairs

  • windmill


  • Workers for our community thrift store, food bank, coffee shop and radio station (room and board provided)


  • Labor and expertise to construct two bathrooms

  • Help finish our earth lodge sustainable living building

  • Individuals knowledgeable in farming and food preservation

  • Special events helpers

  • Individuals knowledgeable in radio and other media

  • Seasonal help in our healthy food cafe and gift shop

  • Skilled labor for expansion project (plumbing, electrician, carpentry)

  • Cooks for July Sundance

Spread the Word about Our Critical Work

-Sponsor a fundraiser
-Tell a friend
-Share our work
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