Facilities on the four-acre Wellknown Buffalo Living Culture Campus in the valley just below Sharpshooter Ridge include: a strawbale Cultural Center/Meeting Center with buffalo head, kitchen and a great room; a bunk house; the strawbale coffee house and radio station; a large warehouse with community food bank, thrift store and volunteer quarters; an earth lodge: and a horse barn and a sweat lodge.
Wellknown Buffalo Coffee House, Gift Shop and Radio Station


Open daily.



Cultural Center/Meeting Center

Site of cultural events and ceremonies, this 1,640 square-foot-building is available for rent.   It has a bathroom, a bedroom, a small library, a kitchen and great room.



Community Food Bank


Serving 300 families a month, the food bank is currently supported by Trinity Episcopal Church, Branford, Connecticut, as well as many local volunteers and by profits from the Buffalo Nickel Thrift Store.



Buffalo Nickel Thrift Store


The Buffalo Nickel is an enterprise that gives the community access to high quality recycled clothing and housewares at prices matching reservation budgets. This project is in partnership with the Bargain Box in Cody, Wyoming,   



Tipi Stays and Guest Accommodations


Rustic accomodations are available in the volunteer quarters, the bunkhouse and in Crow-style tipis.



Earth Lodge


Spiritual space for healing, individual meditation and group activities.




Open daily.

The Center Pole is a 501 c 3 Native non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible.


The generous contributions of individuals, corporations and foundations allows us to maintain our programs and services.

The Center Pole

The Crow Indian Reservation

PO Box 71

3391 I-90 Frontage Road Garryowen, MT 59031


(3 miles south of the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument)



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