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The Center Pole is a 501c3 non profit organization.

Your generous donations make a real difference in the lives of real families.

Our Donors have asked us to offer additional ways for you to give and to make it easy to give in multiple ways.  We listened!

These additional options will help to support our financial sustainability and allows our small staff to focus on serving our people.

With the click of a button you can now easily choose the way you prefer to donate.


You can choose one time or monthly recurring donations.

All major credit cards

Cryptocurrency -Tax efficient


Donating stocks can be a simple and a quick process that can help you save on taxes, give more generously, and do more good.

Stock and crypto are tax-efficient ways to donate for your personal tax return.


Give a one-time donation that can provide a percentage of returns every year for decades.

This unique type of cash or stock donation provides a truly inter-generational charitable impact.

Donor Advised Funds

You can easily give directly from your existing Donor Advised Fund.

Your DAF can be a smart and rewarding tool to support us.

They are flexible, have tax benefits and you control how your money flows

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