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WellKnown Buffalo Earth Medicine Kits reveal natural spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial traditions of Native Americans.


Bear Root is drunk as a tea to heal throat discomfort or chewed to help singers repair their voices.  It is also burned with flat cedar for purification.


Flat cedar is dried and burnt as a smudge to spread peace and serenity.  It is used in the sweat lodge, the sun dance and in Crown homes.


Mint offers a clean smell and breathing its gives a sense of fulness and satisfaction.  Boil mint leaves and drink to improve digestion.  It is also used in the sun dance to help dancers make it through the ordeal.


Healing Moss is a traditional Crow medicine with antibiotic properties. This moss is made into a salve and put onto wounds or made into a tincture and ingested.  It grows high on trees in the Bigh Horn Mountains.


White Clay is eaten dry for stomach problems and general good health or mixed with water and painted on as a blessing in ceremonies such as the sun dance.


Sweet Sage heals the mind and soul and opens one to life and to the Creator.  Sprinkle in a heated pan or fire.  Fan smoke toward your body four times to purify, bless and send prayers to heaven. 


Red Clay is mixed with water and painted on for healing and other ceremonies.  It is also called Indian Paint.



WellKnown Buffalo Earth Medicine Kits

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